Split large sets of information into different areas, while keeping them a click away.
When to use
Use Tabs to organize content across different screens, data sets, and other interactions. Tabs make it easy for users to view and navigate content within the same context. Tabs with related content should be grouped adjacent to each other. To reduce the cognitive load and maintain a clean UI, avoid using more than 6 tabs.
Active Tab
The default tab that is considered opened. Set it with one of the values set in the Data Tab of the TabHeaderItem and TabContentItem.
Is Justified
When set to true the Items are evenly distributed in the space available.
If Vertical, the header will be displayed side by side to the content, if Horizontal, header will be displayed above the content.
Is Right
When set to true, aligns the Tabs Header items to right. This will only go into effect if the Orientation parameter is set to Vertical.
See more information on implementing this pattern in the product documentation
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